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YouTube Success Strategies
YouTube Success Strategies

Secrets to Making Money-Generating Content on YouTube

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We make it easy to get paid to share products you love with your subscribers, but that’s only part of the money making equation. You have to make your subscribers WANT to click. Read on for our best tips.

Optimize Your Description Box with Key Words
Boost your video discoverability by turning your description box into a keyword goldmine. Include phrases like "Kat Von D Saint and Sinner palette review," "iPhone 8 battery hacks," or "How to throw an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party." These keywords help your videos pop up for users searching those specific topics, driving more eyes to your content and clicks on your links.

Analyze Demographics and Understand Your Audience
Don't play guessing games – leverage YouTube Analytics to uncover the demographics of your audience. Analyze the average ages, genders, and watch times of your viewers. Take it a step further with SocialBlade, to compare stats to others in your niche.

Strategic Editing: Add Title Cards Throughout Your Video
Before posting, populate your video with title card links leading to related videos, products, and stores. These clickable elements create opportunities for impulse clicks, turning casual viewers into satisfied shoppers.

Seal the Deal With a Call to Action
Adding links to your content can only go so far if you don't educatte your audience on where to find them. Begin and end each video by prompting viewers to explore your description box. A simple call to action like, "Find everything I used in this video linked below," can significantly increase click-through rates.

Enable Ads
Enable Adsense through YouTube's Creator Studio. While it might not make you a millionaire overnight, Adsense boosts visibility, attracts keyword searches, and increase traffic.

About Page: More than Just a Bio
Your About page is prime real estate for self-promotion. Add links to all of your social media channels, contact information, business contacts, and most importantly, MagicLinks to a some of your all-time favorite, most-recommended stores or OWI pages. A strategically placed link could be the gateway to additional clicks.

Cross Promotion
Expand your reach by promoting your videos across all your channels. Craft unique images for Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, letting your audience know a new video (and shopping links) just hit your channel.

Never, Ever Forget Your MagicLinks
I mean, DUH, but we had to say it: Never. Leave. Out. Your. MagicLinks. Link to every single product, every time, in every video. No excuses!

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