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What are MagicLinks Retailer Ratings?
What are MagicLinks Retailer Ratings?

MagicLinks Retailer Ratings

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MagicLinks Retailer Ratings are a holistic score (on a scale of 0-5) that represents the commitment that brand makes to rewarding creators for the social commerce they drive to that brand.

The score weighs in 12 different factors, from commission rate to payment terms, cashback & coupon site commission loss, and more. The higher the brand’s rating, the more dedicated to influencer compensation. It’s designed to be a quick way for influencers to discover new brands to share with their fans.

You can find detailed information on all of our brand partners if you visit the Retailers page. You can search by Retailer name or simply use the drop down to find the category you are interested in:

You can then simply click on the Retailer's name and you'll find more details around the Retailer Rating along with their Sustainability Rating:

You also have the ability to rate the retailer yourself by clicking "Rate this Retailer" at the bottom of the page:

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