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How do I create a MagicLink?
How do I create a MagicLink?
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There are several options for creating MagicLinks, both in your personal Creator Dashboard and through the free MagicLinks iOS and Android apps.

MagicLinks Mobile App

  1. Download and log into the MagicLinks iOS mobile app.

  2. Open Safari, and head to a MagicLinks eligible brand website.

  3. Tap the share button at the bottom of your screen to access the mobile share extension.

  4. Tap the MagicLinks icon, then select create a link.

  5. Just like that, your MagicLink is created, copied to your clipboard, and ready to be pasted into your content.
    ✨ Every link you create using the mobile share extension will automatically save in your creator dashboard for later. So it's easy to create links when you're not actively creating content or on the go.

Don't Have the App?
Download for IOS

Desktop Chrome and Firefox Browser Extension

Adding the MagicLinks browser extension will enable you to generate MagicLinks while browsing web pages. Experience the convenience of viewing estimated commissions for individual items and quickly locating products through Google searches.

  1. Log into your personal Creator Dashboard.

  2. Download the free MagicLinks Chrome browser extension.

  3. Click the puzzle icon and pin the MagicLinks logo to your toolbar.
    ✨This will make it easy to quickly create links whenever you're browsing online.

  4. Head to a MagicLinks eligible brand and decide on the landing page you want to link.
    ✨ You can create links to retailer homepages or category landing pages, not just product pages.

  5. Click the MagicLinks icon in your toolbar, then click create MagicLink from current URL.

  6. Here you can immediately copy the link to paste into your content or save for later.

    ✨ All of your links are automatically saved to your library for later use.

*Download the Firefox app here.

Creator Dashboard

  1. Log into your personal Creator Dashboard

  2. Go to a MagicLinks supported retailer landing page and copy the link.

  3. Return to your personal dashboard and click the "Quick Link" button

  4. Paste the URL and click "Create MagicLink"

  5. Copy your new MagicLink and paste it into your content!

💡 Pro Tip: Not sure which product to share? You can also create a magic link for an entire product category page. That way, when your audience wants to explore the world of skincare on their own. You'll still get a commission for the purchase they make.

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