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Instagram Best Practices
Instagram Best Practices

Step by step instructions explaining the two simple ways to use MagicLinks on Instagram stories and posts.

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There are two ways you can use MagicLinks on Instagram: Instagram posts and Instagram stories.

Step by Step Guide: How to use MagicLinks on Instagram posts

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Step by Step Guide: How to use MagicLinks on Instagram Stories

Step 1. Take a picture or record your Story

Step 2. Click on the Link Icon on the top of your Story

Step 3. Head to the MagicLinks iOS app to create your monetizable link

Step 4. Click on your desired retailer and then click on the ‘Take me to *retailer*’

Step 5. Next, navigate to the product on the retailer site, and once you've found your featured product, click on the ‘ML’ icon in the top left corner (beside the URL) to create a MagicLink

Step 6. Click the ‘Copy’ button to copy your MagicLink

Step 7. Once this is done, go back to your Story, click on the Link icon (if you're not already there) and hold down on the URL bar until you see the ‘Paste’ option

Step 8. Paste your MagicLink into the URL bar and select ‘Done’

Step 9. Add a fun caption to let your fans know there is a product link in your Story and then your Story is ready to send!
Once your Story is posted, your fans can swipe up the See More to shop your suggested product

Step 10. Once your fans Swipe Up they arrive right to the product!

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