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Sustainability Ratings

The newest way for creators to be informed of retailers' sustainability practices.

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The MagicLinks Sustainability Rating help Influencers identify which brands are taking the most initiative related to the environment. It is a single score that represents the commitment a brand makes to supporting environmentally-friendly practices. Their rating is inclusive of the below deciding factors:

Materials measure a company’s commitment to using sustainable materials, recycled plastics, organic plant-based materials, or environmentally-friendly chemicals.

Energy Practices measure a company's commitment to using renewable energy sources in manufacturing and distribution centers and offsetting carbon outputs.

Shipping measures a company's commitment to using reusable and recyclable materials as well as condensed and tightly packaged products to limit any excess materials shipped to consumers.

Ethics measure a company's commitment to treating people, the planet, and animals with respect and dignity, and supporting non-profit initiatives and local community engagement.

Transparency measures a company's commitment to disclosing its business practices to the public, including how they source, produce, and sell their products.

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