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What can I access in my Account Settings?
What can I access in my Account Settings?

Account Settings

Updated over a week ago

Accessing your Account Settings is easy! Simply click on the icon on the top right of the MagicLinks homepage. Scroll down to My Account:

From My Account you will be able to access and edit information related to:

  1. Basic Information

    1. You can change your Display Name and add any personal information about yourself if you would like to.

  2. Contact Information

    1. Add your email, the email of your manager or someone on your team, as well as your website URL.

    2. Remember to add your best shipping address!

  3. Payment Information (more on that here)

    1. Please follow all 4 steps in order to ensure you recieve payment. It is critical that all information is correct and complete.

  4. MagicLinks Settings

    1. Here you can edit and copy the URLs for

      1. ObsessedWith.It homepage URL

      2. In-Bio homepage URL

  5. Users

    1. Add Link Managers to your account to help with Link and creation! More on adding a Multi-User here.

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