What are Link Lists?
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Link Lists allow you to organize and categorize links in your personal dashboard*, optimizing the content creation workflow for maximum efficiency.

How to Create a Link List

  1. Log into your personal Creator Dashboard and go to "My Links"

  2. Click "Create New List +" and name your List.

  3. Mark the checkbox to the products you want to add to your List

  4. Click "Add to Lists"

  5. Select the corresponding List and click "Add"

  6. You can now filter your products by clicking on the List type on your "My Links" page!

Best Practices for Link Lists

πŸ’‘ Start by creating lists for your top brands and content categories. This not only makes your link library more manageable, it will make the process of sharing content to your social channels more efficient. Examples:

  • Skincare Favorites

  • Sephora Favorites

  • My Basics

  • Denim

  • Home Decor

πŸ’‘ Prepare a List of products you want to share ahead of key promotional periods. This will allow for quick link sharing when items go on sale. Promo periods to keey in mind:

Black Friday + Cyber Week

  • Memorial Day

  • Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  • Sephora VIB Sale

  • Wayfair Wayday

  • Target Red Circle Week

πŸ’‘ Get to know your audience's purchase habits, then create Lists for products at different price points so you're armed with items within in their budget.

*Links Lists are currently only available on desktop.

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