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Introducing the *NEW* MagicLinks Creator App
Introducing the *NEW* MagicLinks Creator App
Updated over a week ago

The brand new MagicLinks app is now available in the Apple App and Google Play Stores! Download now to create and share links anywhere, anytime.

What’s New

  • Improved UX/UI

  • Updated linking capabilities

  • A clearer retailer search and commission display

  • Improved analytics

  • Exclusive resources only available to MagicLinks Creators.

How to Create Links in the MagicLinks Creator App

Mobile Extension - Easiest and most efficient!

With the MagicLinks app installed, you can create a MagicLink on any supported retailer's mobile page using the mobile app extension.

Quick Link

Copy and paste a link from a retailer's mobile website into the homepage of the MagicLinks app.

Retailer Tab

Toggle to the Retailer tab and click on a retailer. Easily create a MagicLink for any category or product page in the MagicLinks app.

Top Products

Toggle to the Top Products tab and create a MagicLink for any personalized product featured. These personalized product suggestions are tailored to each individual creator based on historical links, audience engagement with those links, and similar creators.

Build and Edit Your ObsessedWith.It

Tap into ObsessedWith.It, our solution to create shoppable feeds that can be shared on any platform.

Monitor Real Time Performance

Track your analytics so you can make strategic decisions about your content anywhere, anytime

View Earnings

Track your earnings and get paid.

Access to Exclusive Content

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