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How long does reporting take to show?
How long does reporting take to show?

How long does it take for clicks and sales to show in reporting?

Updated over a week ago

We know you're eager to see your results, and we totally get that. Here's a heads-up on what to expect:

Click Reporting:

Clicks will show in your reporting overnight.

Pending Orders:

Now, when it comes to pending orders, patience is key. They can take around 1-4 days to show up in your account. This can also vary from brand to brand, and the delay can also be longer during busy shopping seasons (i.e. Black Friday, Back to School, holiday weekend sales).

Fluctuating Pending Commissions:

Don't be surprised if your pending commissions seem a bit jumpy. This number can change daily. It might drop if a retailer processes a return, or it could rise when orders confirm and cozy up to your confirmed payment.

Confirmation Process:

Orders remain in the pending state until the retailer gives them the green light. This part can take up to a 90 days (sometimes more).

Transfer to Earnings:

Once your earnings are confirmed by the retailer, they'll make their grand entrance into your "to-be-paid earnings" pool. These are the funds that will soon find their way to your pocket.

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